cat. # // Artist // Title // Format
decay020 : CURSED - One // LP
decay019.5 : TRAP THEM - Sleepwell Deconstructor // LP
decay019 : TRAP THEM - Sleepwell Deconstructor // CD
decay018 : MELTDOWN - Meltdown // 7-inch vinyl
decay017 : TRAP THEM - Cunt Heir To The Throne // Limited 7-inch vinyl
decay016 : DISAPPEARER - Disappearer // CDep
decay015 : TBA // 7-inch vinyl
decay014 : VERSE - 4 Songs // Enhanced CD
decay013 : DRAW BLOOD - The Calm Before The Storm // CDep
decay012 : FORENSICS - Things To Do When You Should Be Dead Anyway // LP
decay010 : ANOTHER DEAD JULIET // Here Lies // CDep
decay009.5 : XFILESX - Excruciation & Discography // LP
decay009 : XFILESX - Excruciation // CD
decay008 : AS THE SUN SETS - 8949 // CDep
decay007.75 : BACKSTABBERS INC - Kamikaze Missions // European LP
decay007.5 : BACKSTABBERS INC - Kamikaze Missions // Limited LP
decay007 : BACKSTABBERS INC - Kamikaze Missions // CD
decay005 : 16 / TODAY IS THE DAY - Zodiac Dreaming (split) // mCD
decay004 : BACKSTABBERS INC - While You Were Sleeping // mCD
decayxx1 : AS THE SUN SETS - Each Individual Voice... // CD
decay003 : V/A - Bad Music For Bad People // CD
decay002 : PAINDRIVER - This Has No End // LP
decay001 : APARTMENT 213 / DAHMER // Split // 7-inch vinyl


Artist: Cursed
Title: One
Format: vinyl LP
Notes: Gatefold LP
Catalog No: decay020

Track Listing:
01. Polygraph
02. God And Country
03. Promised Land
04. Bloody Mary
05. How Great Things Happen
06. When You Give Up Hope
07. Nineteen Seventy Four
08. Negative Two Point Five
09. Guilt Parade
10. Another Day
11. Opposable Thumbs
12. Pariah

Vinyl Info: 500 Black/Gold 180 gram vinyl.
2nd Pressing: 500 Gray 180 gram vinyl.

Artist: Trap Them
Title: Sleepwell Deconstructor
Format: CD / LP
Notes: Artwork by Justin Bartlett
Catalog No: decay019

Track Listing:
01. Day One: Insomniawesome
02. Day Two: They Followed the Scent of Jihad all the Way to Thieves Paradise
03. Day Three: Instant Circulation
04. Day Four: Collapse & Marathon
05. Day Five: Garlic Breakfast
06. Day Six: Fucked as Punk
07. Day Seven: Digital Dogs with Analog Collars
08. Day Eight: Destructioneer Extraordinaire
09. Day Nine: Hollow Factory
10. Day Ten: Swine into Silk
11. Day Eleven: Threatnurse
12. Day Twelve: All Hands on the Medic

Tour Vinyl Info: 250 Black/Gold 180 gram vinyl.
Vinyl Info: 250 White/Gold 180 gram vinyl. 750 Black 180 gram vinyl.

Artist: Meltdown
Title: Meltdown
Format: 7-inch vinyl
Notes: Limited 4-color screenprinted covers by Gunsho
Catalog No: decay018

Track Listing:
01. Cashing In
02. Bad Blood
03. Thin Ice
04. Your Destruction

Vinyl Info: 200 White. 300 Gold. 500 Black.

Artist: Trap Them
Title: Cunt Heir To The Throne
Format: 7-inch vinyl
Notes: Limited to 600 pieces
Catalog No: decay017

Track Listing:
1. Instant Circulation
2. Garlic Breakfast
3. We Will Bring Our Riot to the Courtyard of the Cunt Heir to the Throne

Vinyl Info: 600 Black/Silver. Unknown number (200-400) with misprinted covers.

Artist: Disappearer
Title: Disappearer
Format: CDep
Catalog No: decay016

Track Listing:
01. Rust/Dust
02. Universal Fog
03. Crownfire

Artist: TBA
Title: TBA
Format: 7-inch vinyl
Catalog No: decay015

Track Listing:

Artist: Verse
Title: 4 Songs
Format: Enhanced CD
Notes: Enhanced with live video footage from 2004 US Tour
Catalog No: decay014

Track Listing:
01. Everything You Were
02. Nothing More
03. Let It All Rust
04. Running Out

Artist: Draw Blood
Title: The Calm Before The Storm
Format: mCD
Notes: Vinyl LP on This Blessing This Curse records
Catalog No: decay013

Track Listing:
01. The Show Must Go On
02. From Fanatic To Fool
03. Burden And Purpose
04. A Terror In The Kingdom Of Heaven
05. Buried Dreaming
06. Lights Out
07. Dearest

Artist: Forensics
Title: Things To Do When You Should Be Dead Anyway
Format: vinyl LP
Notes: Artwork by Aaron Horkey @ Burlesque
Catalog No: decay012

Track Listing:
01. Sidewinder Passage
02. Did You See What God Just Did To Us, Man?
03. Circling Bloody Animal Tracks
04. When The Monkeys Clap, You Know You're Fucked.
05. As Long As There's No Flipper Babies
06. How's The View From Sugar Heaven, Bitch?
07. Boat Day At The Marina
08. Black Mamba Passage
09. Torches To The Feet Of Zozobra
10. Welcome To Your Doom

Vinyl Info: 200 White. 300 Clear. 500 Black.

Artist: Another Dead Juliet
Title: Here Lies
Format: CDep
Notes: split release with Tor Johnson Records
Catalog No: decay010

Track Listing:
01. The Hereafter
02. 3s A Crowd
03. Love Songs In Lipstick
04. One Hell Of A Ride
05. Snake Eyes
06. Fire It Up
07. Search For The Snow Leopard
08. Promise

Artist: XFilesX
Title: Excruciation
Format: CD / LP
Notes: *vinyl only tracks; vinyl has alternate cover
Catalog No: decay009

Track Listing:
01. Swallow Your Tongue
02. Head On A Stick
03. Testify
04. Murdering The Hog
05. Jesus Fish Out Of Water
06. Noise
07. I Hate What I Dont Understand
08. The Odd Couple
09. A Cozy Treat
10. Those Nails, How They Rust...
11. Blast From The Past
12. STD
13. Excruciation
14. I Wish I Was Worse
15. Fuck Em
16. Ay, Guy
17. Crazy
18. God Fearing
19. Unemployment
20. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
21. Falling Down
22. Wreck Yourself
23. Drown In My Puke*
24. Real Edgemen Hate Jesus*
25. You'd Better Roll On Outta Here*
26. I'm Not Your Boy Next Door, I'm An Evil Fucking Psycho*
27. Crucial Zekes On Kidnapped*
28. Brain Fart*
29. Don't Ask*
30. Chubby Chaser*
31. The Thing About Edgebreakers Is ...*
32. The College Life Is The Life For Me*
33. Long Boards Are Wrong Boards*
34. Xing 101*
35. I Hate Socializing*
36. Review This, Fucker*
37. Chow Down For Life*
38. Can't Close My Eyes*

Vinyl Info: 200 Green. 300 White. 500 Red.
Record Release Vinyl Info: 100 Black.

Artist: As The Sun Sets
Title: 8949
Format: CDep
Status: Out of print
Catalog No: decay008

Track Listing:
01. Your Beauty Is A Car Wreck, I Do Concur
02. If I've Said It Once, I've Said It A Thousand Times: Pyrotechnics, Pyrotechnics, Pyrotechnics
03. Remember When I Didn't Say What I Wanted To Say?
04. Untitled #3
05. Black On Black With A Whole Lot Of Class

Artist: Backstabbers Inc
Title: Kamikaze Missions
Format: CD / Limited LP / LP
Catalog No: decay007

Track Listing:
01. Before
02. You Brought This On Yourself
03. I Don't Care How Many Times Youve Seen Fight Club, You Are Not Tyler Durden
04. We Attack At Dusk
05. ****
06. Priests In Boys, Cardinals In Denial
07. Distortion, Please
08. Ask, Answer
09. If You Can See The End, Its All Over
10. Even Slaves Will Be Swimming In The Blood Of The Iron Fist
11. Burn Small Talk To The Fucking Ground
12. Voorhees, Krueger, Myers, Bush
13. Like Virgin Vinyl ... In Bed
14. Film Noirs Got Nothing On Us

Vinyl Info: 100 Black w/ 2-color screenprinted covers.
European Vinyl Info: 500 Black.

Artist: 16 / Today Is The Day
Title: Zodiac Dreaming
Format: mCD (split)
Catalog No: decay005

Track Listing:
01. Balloon Knot
02. Aging Disgracefully
03. Youre Not My Real Dad
04. Invincible
05. Breadwinner

Artist: Backstabbers Inc
Title: While You Were Sleeping
Format: mCD
Status: In stock
Catalog No: decay004

Track Listing:
01a. Suicide Song For The Small Town Purple Heart Recipient
01b. Upon Completing Your Application For The Club Of Indifference
02. File Under Hostility
03. Concrete Evidence Supporting The Educational Value Of Snuff Films
04. Buy That Fucker A Graveyard Dance
05. SB2K Mosh Anthem
06. ...And Your Good Friend Is Your Scapegoat

Artist: As The Sun Sets
Title: Each Individual Voice Is Dead In The Silence
Format: CD
Notes: Distributed item - released by Moment Of Clarity
Status: Out of print
Catalog No: decayxx1

Track Listing:
01. Searching For A Reason To Carry On
02. From This Day Forward
03. Such Words Were Upon The Tongues Of Demons
04. Unfulfilled Dreams Are A Burning Utopia
05. Carpathian
06. ...Shed For You And For Many
07. A Thousand Falling Skies
08. Everything

Artist: V/A
Title: Bad Music For Bad People
Format: CD
Status: In stock
Catalog No: decay003

Track Listing:
01. Dropdead - Prison
02. Landed - How Little Will It Take
03. ForceFedGlass - Emobombs (live)
04. Isis - Hive Destruction
05. Olneyville Sound System - The Pitch
06. Black Dice - Similar Sounds
07. Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Balance Thru Bias
08. Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Thanksgiving Day
09. Converge - My Great Devastator (alternate version)
10. Old Man Gloom - Rotten Primate
11. Old Man Gloom - Exploder Whale/Poisoner
12. Mens Recovery Project - Snack Pipe
13. Lightning Bolt - Rotatta-Ville
14. Nowhere Fast - No Way To Live
15. In My Eyes - Difference Between
16. Civil Defense - Dysfunction
17. Paindriver - The Damned
18. Paindriver - Slow Death
19. As The Sun Sets - Such Words Were...
20. Day After - Your Realization Is Dead
21. Grief - Polluted (alt version)
22. Unholy BMX - Drunk Upon The Cross
23. Crippler Crossface - Its Tough To Be A Loser

Artist: Paindriver
Title: This Has No End
Format: 12-inch vinyl
Status: Out of print
Catalog No: decay002

Track Listing:
01. Intro / You Will Die
02. Onward And Upward
03. Im No Lover
04. Hold Nothing Back
05. Never Forget
06. Prey
07. Do Damage
08. Nothing
09. Life Is Lost
10. Treadmill
11. Grow Up
12. Fight To Win
13. Six Years Later / Outro

Artist: Apartment 213 / Dahmer
Title: Separated At Birth
Format: 7-inch vinyl (split)
Status: Out of print
Catalog No: decay001

Track Listing:
01. Decay
02. Dahmer
03. Mangler
04. John Wayne Gacy
05. Mes Ancetres
06. Crock-O
07. Outro

Vinyl Info: 700 Red (1st press). 300 Black (2nd press).